Is a French Bulldog The Perfect Dog For You?

So ugly they are cute!! Cant begin to tell you how many times I have heard that since getting our French Bulldog, named Indica. And its true, looks like a pig, snorts like one too! Once when walking her outside I had a little girls point and say to her daddy “look, a piggy on a leash”. Tho which the father replied “no silly, that’s a…uh… dog…I think”.

Suffice to say it has been very rewarding experience in owning a French Bulldog, but do understand that they are a bit of a special breed.

* She snores louder then me!! Ask my wife, that is no small feat.

* She farts stinkier then me. Thankfully not louder so I can always blame her.

* When she eats it sounds like someone is vacuuming up wet noodles

* When she throws up (quite often) it sounds like grandfather French bulldog puppies for adoption  clearing his throat.

* Allergies, allergies, allergies…scratching, scratching, scratching! Pet food allergies, grass allergies, air allergies, etc…

* Doesn’t listen to commands. Understands perfectly well, just doesn’t listen. A real tete de bois!


What a lovable, hysterical, sweet, ridiculous, comical, amusing, peculiar, special kind of breed.

She is great with our 1 year old baby. She love everybody and everything. Cant imagine having anything else.

But understand before you consider getting one there are a few things to be aware of:

Cost – in getting them and dealing with the inevitable medical bills. Normally we are very big rescue and adopt type of family, but this type of dog has been overbread in some places which can increase medical issues. It is my opinion that if you do want one, you find a reputable breeder. The one we sued also fosters rescued mutts so it made us feel a little less guilty about ‘buying’ a dog.

Not a guard dog – unless the person can be licked to death.

Not a sports dog – due to how their faces and noses are formed, they don’t breath well (hence the snoring and other noises). A lot of attention needs to be paid when exercising the dog especially in hot weather. It can kill them very quickly.

I hope this article has given you a better understanding of what it is like to own a french bulldog. Don’t forget, rescued dogs can be just and fun. And no matter what please spay or neuter your dog and/or cat. Specifically regarding French Bulldogs, giving birth can kill the mother and the puppies. That why mostly all French Bulldog births are c-section, which is still a risk for the mother.



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